Sunday, 6 May 2012

Waterproof Camera Reviews

Waterproof Camera Reviews

I'm really into sports, especially the waterproof camera as easy to use kayak. I have two waterproof camera in my life, and although they are two different models to meet all my needs at that time.

Below I will provide rapid assessment and comparison of the two I used a waterproof camera.


FUJIFILM Z33 is the first I bought. This is a basic camera and not expensive, but it seems the best deal and works well for two years exactly. 2 points will be deducted each year. But this is not shockproof camera and I think I can get the same job.

However, I use it for two years, works well. good pictures and some good qualities.

FinePix Z33 waterproof to 10 meters. It has a liquid crystal display relatively large (2.7 inches) and 230 000 pixels resolution.

It has more features that they like:

Large - that is small enough to fit in your pocket PPD

It has face recognition technology - which automatically eliminates red eye in the list of 10 pages on stage and make adjustments as necessary focus

All buttons are easy to use and easy to operate, even when I was in kayak

After providing quality video at 30 frames per second VGA with audio

This is an Intelligent Scene Recognition - you can see six types of scenes and then adjust

A blog can automatically adapt to the size of the image of the blog

It has an edition of 12 camera functions: zoom, small effects, drawings, photographs, etc..

This is a great feature for a very reasonable price. However, because the basic model also some disadvantages:

Do not freeze or shock-proof test

This is only a 3x optical zoom - not great

Everyone says that my need for recreational kayaking and I have much use of the camera and gave me a great picture. If you are in the budget would not hesitate to recommend ... Not just a drop!

Nikon Coolpix AW100

Fujifilm quit my job on the Big Island of Hawaii snorkeling. I have two weeks of my trip and really need to use a waterproof camera. So I started my research.

I know he wants to invest in a better model is the maximum stress in Nikon Coolpix AW100. The camera is a great improvement from my past and the fun of great use.

It has many features such as:

It is water resistant to 33 meters, shockproof from falls up to five meters, and the evidence of the temperature at 14 degrees F. Frozen Basically, it is difficult to destroy.

Takes 16MP images even in low light - very bright and

You need a Full HD (1080p) and stereo audio

A-GPS and electronic compass is very cool - you should keep track of where you take the picture or see where to go

The procedure will take immediate and images up to three in the second with full resolution. My last camera is very slow in this area.

A large LCD 3.0 "

Has image stabilization and change of vibration reduction of the objective

With the control measures that will help you get a good picture, even with gloves

It has a calm that includes photos automatically reduces camera shake when the image of the striped

There are 20 scene modes -

As you can tell this is really very good for my latest price increase is more than $ 100. Not bad.

I would recommend the same camera, but if you have extra money, no doubt, go for the Nikon Coolpix AW100. This is a great buy.

2012 Waterproof Cameras

2012 Waterproof Cameras

This may be best for those seeking rugged waterproof camera.

Poor picture performance that is lost now, will exceed the upper and VGA video now converted into HD.

If you are wondering what has changed, here's a quick look at the different features or update the camera work for the year 2012.

A. HD video

Waterproof cameras for years to come with 1080p HD video. VGA video with a low-end model cast for the HD format 720p. This means that the film is stronger and more interesting as you can share with a large flat screen TV or Youtube.

Many high-end model also connection. This makes it easy to share the adventure with the apparent blessing of the sea and some of his friends on your HDTV.

Two. Cameras

In 2009, a waterproof camera known to be slow. However, the introduction of backlight technology CMOS sensor, new cameras for 2012 is faster than before. This is a faster pace than normal and shoot you.

Take TX200V Sony. electric mirrors, short quick camera gold is 0.1 seconds. For night shots, focus as soon as 0.2 seconds. This will quickly point and shoot camera on the market today.

Panasonic also offers a new ST4 and speedometer when Venus made (like Olympus) with non-backlit CMOS sensor CCD sensor behind the times.

Three. Better protection

When a new job to go to market in 2009, we often hear that the leaks of the camera in camera review. However, since last year, we will see more changes will be blocked.

Now sealing technology has matured. Now learn a lot of errors, set of rubber o-ring and replace the batteries and memory metal latch, and two of two.

This means that the camera came with a switch to a cheaper paper weight when used under the sea.

Fire. It is more expensive, full coverage of the camera

Pinch-proof and waterproof Olympus (you can stand or backpack CRAM) will sell for $ 399 But this year, the sale of 2012 IT-820 now $ 299

If you want a back-illuminated CMOS sensor camera, HD video stabilization and GPS tags, but do not want to spend $ 399 to Panasonic and Pentax, try Fuji.

Fuji XP150 offers superior features of the waterproof camera the same, but at a low price - $ 279.99.

That's why we expect a lot from the camera will be launched this year.

Five years. Diversity and choice

Waterproof camera is used as a tool for risk-taking spirit. But in 2012, saw the camera to the urban and elegant TX200V Sony, under the sea fans as the Canon D20 or Pentax rise like crazy WG-2.

Camera for everyone.

There is a brief summary of what to expect with the line of waterproof camera this year. Of course there are more interesting than last year, and hope to see the level of water resistance in high-end models.

This tool is expected to be sold in March. So start saving now!

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Waterproof Camera 2012

Waterproof Camera 2012

Your children can use

Kids love the camera. But they are not necessary if you only buy a week's work. And all the other toys, it's bad here. Not only do we understand it is not as Big Bird doll, normal cameras can not handle black and fall off too.

But if you have a waterproof camera that can take and use anywhere. It should address the novel UDS, mountain biking, snow melt during the winter and we are pleased to withstand the pressure when thrown into the school bags they refused.

Not your ordinary course of life and use, but it is difficult to waterproof. And then the monk will be used up. Did you know that the camera is safe.

Two. To apply for water pumps

I'm sure you have hundreds or thousands of photos of their children on the computer at this time. However, most of them on the first floor.

What if you could take pictures underwater? Imagine an attendance record in the first pool class video, with banks chasing fish during their visit to Mauritius and a day of fun for your family in the pool on weekends - all without damaging the camera.

Only waterproof compact camera, no additional housing will do very well. No expensive DSLR you can do something like that. Just send your compact is normal after the first two shots. But it is not waterproof camera sits there and record all the memories of laughter and eyes and the smile on the fun that the family shares.

Three. Shoot more images

Many people will be very expensive SLR camera, due to strong peer pressure to buy. He bought everyone has one.

However, little use unless the party or wedding anniversaries to come. It is very powerful - but also very complex, super-sensitive to use and carry.

But the man who has a waterproof camera for use at all. When you have a tool that can handle being thrown on a table or soaked in water and can take anywhere. In fact, most people buy waterproof camera outdoor camera will agree that their main camera. It is easy to live.

ideal time to get a lot of items that can be with the children when they were young. One day he went to college. In those days did not ask about the camera and enjoy. Even if you insist, I will say that is great for taking photos.

Take pictures as you want at once to a child. You can do this and a waterproof camera.